Alle Porte Del Sole

My friend always sings a song when he goes on holiday so it wasn't a surprise when planning our trip, he suggested we should all sing in his video! 

After the shock of my friend's idea had passed I started to get very enthusiastic about the prospect of singing on the streets of Tuscany. I thought what could be more adventurous as no one would know who we were, and there would surely be an air of mystery to our activities.

Alex is the singer and speaks many languages which never fails to impress me, and it was his idea to create our 'band'. He found a song which me and Phil could easily learn the chorus to, as we didn't speak Italian, and we got stuck into rehearsals in Alex's flat.

Much to our surprise we seemed to sound pretty good and all of us really started to enjoy our new little project. Alex decided it would be a good idea if we also played instruments so I had a triangle and Phil had his maracas, which really did add a little bit extra to our performance.

As the trip approached we got more confident and excited to get performing and recording. It would be my first holiday in Italy and I couldn't wait to test out my new camera, on what I had heard, was beautiful scenery. 

We landed in Pisa and had decided that we had to perform with the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the background, so as soon as we had checked into our hotel we rushed across the city to the iconic tower.

I don't know why I didn't consider that one of the most famous towers in the world would be surrounded by, what felt like, thousands of tourists! Phil looked nervous, I think he was even sweating! I looked in every direction, desperately hoping for a secluded spot, but all I could see was people. Phil said "Are we really doing it here?". 

Luckily Alex had already pre empted our total fear, and had looked up on Google Maps where the best place would be to perform. We found a nice spot with the tower in the background and with us effectively facing a wall so no one could really look at us! It worked and once we started singing we really enjoyed doing something a little bit unusual. A few people looked at us but what surprised me the most was that they didn't really seem to care. Perhaps this was actually a normal activity!



Length: 04:20
Soundtrack: Alle Porte Del Sole
Writers: Corrado Conti, Daniele Pace, Mario Panzeri, Lorenzo Pilat